Mio Fujii

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Jan 2, 2024
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Suppose I should finally introduce myself. I have been in SC since 2015, but until the later part of last year I didn't have a computer capable of more than a SC slide show. Now slowly teaching myself how to play, which can be a little boring by yourself, so started looking for an org. Which is how I ended up here!

In most games, depending on type, I am either a support player or industrialist. I do want to learn pretty much all the different types of gameplay available here, especially since being more efficient at FPS type combat will come in handy for an industrialist in pirate territory.

I am a ship collector and have a fairly extensive, though not yet complete, collection of SC ships. That said, I spend most of my time either in my Prospector, Rambler, Vulture or F8C, depending on what I am doing.

Look forward to growing with the group/org.
Welcome to the shit show. A.k.a. the circus.

You will find yourself in good company being a ship collector. Make sure you speak with Bolt or Gronk.
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Welcome to the org Mio.

If you want you can show off your ship collection in Fleet Showroom.
You can use Star Jumps Fleet Viewer to do that. I'd love to see a full picture of your extensive fleet.
Welcome to the Org!

If you ever want to team up on Salvage missions or do some Mole mining you can hit me up. I'm usually on late night PST.